World Egg day 2017!

World egg day

The second Friday in October is recognized around the world as “World Egg Day!”.  Today October 13th 2017 the Belize Poultry Association joins the rest of the world to  celebrate eggs as an excellent, affordable source of high quality protein and their vital role in feeding people around the world.

In Orange Walk Town Members of Caribbean Chicken, Belize Poultry Association and BAHA hosted a breakfast for students at Saint Peters Anglican Primary School.  In San Ignacio the Serving Christ Ministries school feeding program hosted a breakfast for students from different primary schools.  The breakfast consisted of Scrambled Eggs, whole wheat bread, beans a banana and one pint of milk.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eggs being a Nutritional Powerhouse packed full of vitamins and proteins is just perfect for growing minds.

A Heartfelt and special thanks goes out to Country Foods, Caribbean Chicken, and Western Dairies whose contribution helped make this event a success!! Thank you to Serving Chirst Ministries and Mr. Sair Pech of BAHA for the invaluable support and assistance.  Also thank you goes out to Norte Vision who covered the event. 

World egg day 2017
BPA and Caribbean Chicken Staff
World egg day 2017
Students at St. Peters Anglican Primary School enjoying a healthy Egg breakfast!
World egg day 2017