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About Belize Poultry Association

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of affordable animal protein in Belize.


The Belize Poultry Association will direct and guide the poultry industry in Belize to play a significant role in our country’s food security, nutrition and overall development by providing technical and management expertise and by forging strong partnerships with Government and non-government agencies for the provision of only the highest quality animal protein at affordable cost to consumers.

Values and Beliefs

The values and beliefs identified below are the core and governing values of what the BPA is and are qualities we consider worthwhile. The following are listed as our organization’s highest priorities and deeply held driving forces:

  1. To promote commerce through the development of the Poultry Industry.
  2. To promote understanding and goodwill among the members of the company.
  3. To nominate representatives to any authoritative body to safeguard the interests of its members in all matters concerned with the production and marketing of poultry and poultry products.
  4. To encourage the production of better poultry.
  5. To provide technical and other information of assistance to its members.
  6. To promote the increased consumption of poultry products.
  7. To provide members with training and educational opportunities with regard to management of their operations.
  8. To promote the maintenance of favorable prices for poultry.
  9. To participate in poultry shows and exhibitions.
  10. Generally, to do all things necessary to be done in the best interest of the Poultry Industry.