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The primary objective of the poultry producer is to maintain the optimal health of poultry flocks since a healthy flock is usually a profitable flock. Although there has been much progress in prevention and control of infectious diseases, it is still rather difficult to keep a commercial poultry facility disease free. The emergence of new or variant disease agents continues to threaten and affect commercial poultry farms. Global trading and travelling have made it difficult to keep diseases to limited areas or regions. Diseases are generally responsible for mortality and reduced growth rate and egg production in poultry flocks as well as trade restrictions. The end result is reduced economic returns to producers and reduction in the vibrancy of the industry. At a national level, disease, if unchecked, can change the current status of self sufficiency and food security.

Poultry Health Programmes and services work in a variety of ways to protect and improve the health, quality, and marketability of Belize’s commercial and backyard flocks. These programmes targeting priority diseases facing our poultry industry, outline the measures taken by industry and BAHA to prevent, control, and eradicate these priority diseases. These programmes also include monitoring and promoting optimal poultry health and productivity.