Belize Celebrates World Egg Day!

October 14th 2022

We were prepared to feed breakfast burritos to school children to celebrate World Egg Day. Why not? It’s a matter of choosing a school, then identifying the children to feed. The school Principal (Howard Smith Nazarene School, Benque Viejo Town) called to say he had identified the children – 400 plus. Could we do it. The egg company Country Foods said yes. The Belize Poultry Association and the Belize Agricultural Health Authority also said they would support. So early on World Egg Day morning we arrived to prepare the place, cook the eggs and prepare the breakfast burritos. The children arrived all excited for breakfast, including two buses full of school children from a Guatemalan town across the border. The teachers were quite helpful in serving and maintaining order. After the breakfast we gave talks to the upper division school children informing them about the wonderful eggs and about our responsible producers. 

Happy World Egg Day!

Eggs for a better life!