Poultry Training

Belmopan, 15th August 2022

The Belize Poultry Association (BPA) participated in a poultry disease training for persons – mostly women-benefiting from Resilient Rural Belize’s (RRB) Backyard Garden Project in the Corozal District. The training was held in the villages of San Narciso and San Victor on the 3rd and 4th of August 2022, respectively. BPA supported the training providing technical assistance as well as granting a certificate of training along with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority(BAHA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise (MAFSE).

During the training BPA gave talks on the poultry Industry and on biosecurity measures to prevent the entry and spread of poultry diseases Into and within a farm, village and country. BAHA gave talks on the different poultry diseases that can affect poultry in Belize and gave a practical demonstration on vaccination for Newcastle Disease and Fowl Pox. The participating farmers showed great interest and actively got their “hands wet” vaccinating chickens during the practical session.

BPA appreciates the support of BAHA, MAFSE and RRB, especially the National Poultry Coordinator, Dr Joe Myers, for ensuring a successful workshop and looks forward to continued partnership with all poultry stakeholders, public and private as well as farmers. 

L – R – Sair Pech, Armando Cowo, Sandra Medina, Joe Myers, Victor Gongora