Chilmole: The Yucatecán “black mole”


The Chilmole is the the black recado of Yucatan.  Originally this récipe is with turkey baked underground but it is often made with chicken. The Chilmole is made with the dried red pepper of Yucatan which is roasted on a comal until black. The roasted pepper is ground and made into a paste that can be ‘hot’ or not. Added to make the paste are garlic, cummin, oregano and a Little vinegar to form the paste. The comercial paste is bought in the stores. Among the most popular commercial ‘Black Recado’ paste are El Yucateco, La Anita and Marín. A Little red recado (1 teaspoon) can also be added to give additional flavor.

2 whole chicken
1 lime
2 packs Black Recado ‘chilmole’ (choice of hot, mild or bland)
1 head de garlic
1 branch of ‘Epazote’
1 white Onion
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 handful of dried  Orégano
2 Bay leaves
4 slices of white bread
Salt and black pepper to taste

Chimole "black mole" Recipe


1. The chicken is cut in eight pieces each, ensuring that all skin and fat is removed. The pieces are vigorously rubbed with lime-lemon, washed in clean water and put into the refrigerator until cooking time.

2. Put the two Black Recado bars in the blender container, fill with water and blend to melt. In a large, thick pot that can hold the two cut chickens, add the liquefied black recado. Light stove and roast garlic and onion on fire and add to the pot along with other condiments.  When the soup starts boiling, add the chicken and let cook at medium heat until cooked and the chicken has absorbed the black recado (chicken looks black).

3.  Take out some soup in a bowl and break up the 4 slices of bread then add back to the pot to thicken the soup.  You can replace the bread with corn germ mixed in some water.  Correct the salt and black pepper and the Chilmole is ready to serve.
The difference between CHILMOLE & RELLENO NEGRO is that in the the Relleno negro the Turkey or chicken is stuffed with the ground meat and hard boiled eggs.

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